/Gil Featuring Bluey Robinson: ‘Gotta Be A Way’

Gil Featuring Bluey Robinson: ‘Gotta Be A Way’

Bluey Robinson
Bluey Robinson

Single Review:

Sometimes you have such a list of tasks to do it’s hard to know where to start, so I randomly picked this review task from my list, and what a good choice it turned out to be! This track comes courtesy of London producer Gil, and features Bluey Robinson on vocals. Aside from the slightly odd pauses, instrumental bursts, and the slightly average opening, this is a song that made me sit up and pay attention, right from the first word.

Bluey Robinson was a great choice as vocalist, and delivers the lead vocal in a radio friendly urban/pop style, which works well with the backing vocals, that blend in and build up to the beat in all the right places. All this is layered over a well produced/mixed live sound, which lays heavy on the rhythm/percussion. It’s commercial, yet credible, and a track that I think would really come alive at gigs. The video shows Bluey alternately walking through crowded streets, and getting into the vocal groove in the studio. I can’t fault it, in fact the only thing that’s missing is the band!!

I would buy this, dance to this, and would like to hear more of it! As a collaboration it works really well, and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves from both the industry, and music fans.

‘Gotta Be A Way’ is out now on digital download from all the usual outlets.