/George Michael Illness

George Michael Illness

Popular music star George Michael has been struck with illness that has seen him forced to make cancellations of live performances. The fears around the singers health have increased after it was announced that he was suffering from a lung condition as well as pneumonia.

It has been revealed that the illnesses could quite possible be life threatening.

He is currently being treated in Austria and the media are reporting that he is receiving medical attention for pneumonia; it is also being claimed that he is suffering from respiratory distress syndrome or ARDS. This syndrome prevents oxygen getting into the blood and it can have extreme circumstances.

The boyfriend of the star, forty eight year old Fadi Fawaz is stating that much that is being publicised in the press is false.

According to Fadi, George Michael is getting better by the hour and is making extremely good progress.

A spokesperson for the hospital has refused to comment on the matter but has confirmed that he is being treated.