/General Fiasco: We Are The Foolish (Single)

General Fiasco: We Are The Foolish (Single)

A long line of musical stars have come across the Irish Sea to unleash some awesome music onto the U.K market, which most recently has included Indie/Pop act The Script. Following hot on their heels are Northern Irish trio General Fiasco, who release their debut single ‘We Are The Foolish’ on Infectious Records.

Given the quality of this release, at first listen it’s hard to believe this is only their debut single release, but there’s something to be said for hard graft, and General Fiasco did their song writing and touring apprenticeships for two years before this release. This has included appearances at Leeds and Reading, The Electric Proms, and some pretty influential radio support.The hard work has definitely paid off in my opinion, and I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about ‘We Are The Foolish’.

The song has a smooth, catchy intro, it’s melody soars and swirls around in all the right places, and the drum beats/guitar riffs are original. Add to that the slightly quirky vocals and the message laden lyrics, and you have a veritable powerhouse of indie/pop. These guys certain know how to write a good song, their single artwork is great too. I’m quite excited about this band, and look forward to hearing a lot more from them in the future.

“General Fiasco continues the longstanding tradition of great Irish music, with an awesome, and original debut single. This trio are definitely one to watch in 2010”

‘We Are The Foolish’ is released on October 12th. For more information visit www.myspace.com/generalfiasco