/General Fiasco: I’m Not Made Of Eyes (Single)

General Fiasco: I’m Not Made Of Eyes (Single)

gf2Time flies when you’re having fun, and it seems like only yesterday I was reviewing ‘Buildings’ the album from indie/rockers General Fiasco. Hot on the heels of this release is their new single ‘I’m Not Made Of Eyes’, a track which I described as a ‘grower’, when reviewing the album. Second time around I have to admit I liked the track a lot more, and am slowly being won over!

Despite the vocal being a little lost at times, and some of the lyrics not entirely clear, part of this tracks charm does lie in the singing. The lead singer has a varied vocal tone, which soars in all the right places, and is easy to listen to. This vocal is layered over a rhythmic mix of guitars and drums, which are easy to dance along to, especially in the chorus. There are some memorable hooks here, in amongst the up-tempo explosion, and with lyrical phrases like “I’m Not Made Of Eyes, I Can’t See What’s Going On” it’s sure to create some interest.

General Fiasco have attracted some criticism, and been labelled as ‘Landfill Indie’ off the back of their album, and to me this is a bit harsh. Yes I can see why comparisons and critiques are inevitable, but for me their songs are far from headed to the wasteland. This track may not be the strongest from the album, but there’s life in it yet.

General Fiasco release ‘I’m Not Made Of Eyes’ on May 24th. For more information, and gig dates please visit www.myspace.com/generalfiasco