/Fyfe Dangerfield: She Needs Me (Single/Video)

Fyfe Dangerfield: She Needs Me (Single/Video)

When a new artist arrives at music.co.uk, armed with a name like Fyfe Dangerfield, I expect something interesting, and to a certain extent I wasn’t disappointed. Fyfe releases his new single ‘She Needs Me’ on January 11th, which precedes the release of his debut album entitled ‘Fly Yellow Moon’. I think the very first beats of this song, are probably one of the most interesting intro’s I’ve heard in a long time. At first it reminds me a little of Michael Jackson, then moves into a short/rousing Jamie Cullum style piano part. The piano continues in quite a subtle way through the verses, before building up towards the bridge and chorus. I think it is this part where the song starts to come into its own, with a live orchestral sound, and well produced string section, which breathes some life into the melody. The lyrical phrasing also stands out, with original sentences like ‘memories ringing like telephones’ grabbing my attention.

The video shows Fyfe performing on and dancing around the piano in a rather historic looking house, and out walking the streets in a reflective mood. He really gets into the beat of the song, which makes the video entertaining to watch. Both single and video fit in well with the current indie/pop market, and I think a broad range of people will enjoy this. I did take a while to get into this song, as the verses aren’t immediate growers, but I still think ‘She Needs Me’ deserves a YES for its choruses and overall entertainment value.

If you’d like to check out, or buy this single for yourself, then it’s available from January 11th. Visit him online at www.myspace.com/fyfedangerfield or www.fyfedangerfield.com.