/Fugative: Crush (Single)

Fugative: Crush (Single)

It’s easy to see Fugative’s appeal. He’s young, good looking, and has the charm that will make young girls scream, and scream they did when he released his singles ‘It’s Summertime’, and ‘Jimmy Shoe’ some time ago. In fact, our review of one of his tracks still attracts comments today. It’s not just young girls that have been impressed by Fugative though, he’s also attracted the attention of some key radio stations, and a host of top producers, whom he is now working with on his debut album. This album is due to be released later in the year, but in the meantime, he’s hoping to storm the summer charts again, with the track ‘Crush’.

Just like its predecessors, this track is full of urban/pop charm, combining infectious hip hop beats, with an uptempo summery vibe, and cool vocal/mcing from Fugative. There’s also the addition of a strong female vocal in this track, which adds a nice tone to the lyrics. It’s very slick, perhaps a little generic, but a lot of fun to listen to. The initial radio edit is accompanied by remixes from Moto Blanco, Scratcha DVA, and Nadastrom. The main focus of these mixes seems to be the female vocal, rather than Fugative, which is a little puzzling, though there is balance in the production, and good keyboard parts. Although all the remixes are atmospheric, and well done, I would argue that they get a bit samey and repetitive towards the end of the CD, and should have been reduced in number. Apart from that, I think there is something on this release to suit different ages, and tastes, radio stations, and the live/gigging arena, a place where Fugative frequently finds himself. Final verdict: a catchy, danceable lead up to what I am sure will be an interesting album!
‘Crush’ is out now, and available for download via I-Tunes. To find out more information on Fugative, and where he will be touring this summer, visit www.myspace.com/fugativeuk.