/Friday Night Is Madness Night

Friday Night Is Madness Night

Formed way back in 1976 (before I was even born), Madness were part of the Ska/Pop revolution of the time, and although they achieved most of their success in the mid 1980’s, are still going strong today.

The band have been pretty much everywhere this year, promoting their album ‘The Liberty Of Norton Folgate’ and performing live at some of the country’s biggest festivals. Now it seems they’re preparing for a T.V invasion! Well an invasion of BBC 4 anyway!

The Camden boys have a whole night of programming dedicated to them on Friday (Oct 2nd) and it’s sure to be a unique night of entertainment. BBC 4 will be showing a series of unseen films that will chart all the best bits of their career, along with some unforgettable live performances. On the night you can see:

•    A Film by Julien Temple filmed at London’s Hackney Empire to promote ‘The Liberty Of Norton Folgate’. Live performances have been mixed in with commentary from band members that will unravel the inspiration behind the release.

•    The channel will also screen the whole of the bands sunset slot from this year’s Glastonbury Festival, which included some classic Madness tracks, along with some from the current album.

•    Finally there is the chance to see not one, but two Madness documentary films. ‘Take It Or Leave It’ is a look back at the early years of Madness, and their arrival on the Camden pub scene. The wit of the band members in the early days will be in evidence as they loosely play around with the facts that led to their formation. ‘Young Guns Go For It’ will take up the Madness story, and bring it up to the turn of the century, with interviews from the band, and others involved in the Madness story.

No doubt if you’re a Madness fan, you’ve already set the VCR or Sky Plus, but even if you’re not, tune in anyway. If there’s one thing that can be said for Madness, they certainly add a certain entertainment value to everything they do.

Madness Takeover BBC 4 on October 2nd. For more information on the band visit www.madness.co.uk