/Free UK Music Events

Free UK Music Events

Numerous popular UK music artists will take part in free live music events across London this year. The artists who include Plan B, Paul Weller and Nas will take part in the gigs that form part of the Converse: Represent series of events.

The three headlining acts will be joined by numerous other UK music artists at the events that will be held at the 100 Club based in London.

In total there will nine free live shows that will start on July 30th. Plan B will be the main headlining act and will be joined by L Marshall, Jacob Banks and Yuna. On July 31st there will be a major punk event where acts from across the UK will perform in the live shows.

On August 1st it will be Paul Weller that headlines the event, he will be supported by Spiritualized, Towns and 2:54. A headlining act for the free music event the following day has yet to be confirmed although it is expected that it will be a major UK music name.

The free events have been organised by the fashion brand Converse and they are forming part of the celebration which see the brand celebrating its one hundredth birthday.