/Florence Rawlings: Hard To Get (Single)

Florence Rawlings: Hard To Get (Single)


Single Review

August 31st release

There are some amazing female singers in this country, particularly in the Jazz/Blues/Soul Market, who quite frankly, don’t always get the recognition or profile they and their talent deserve. Whether Florence Rawlings will be thrust into the limelight and splashed all over the press, or quietly enjoy a low profile underground success like artists such as Beverly Knight, it’s too early to tell. One thing’s for sure though, I think she will make an impact of some sort with her debut single release.

Florence’s Performance on ‘Hard To Get’ reminds me a little of Joss Stone, without the barefooted hippy image of course! Like Joss she has quite a distinct vocal tone, which is smooth and stylish, and pitch perfect. I enjoyed this track a lot, with the groove-laden melodies and likeable story unfolding, and tempting me to sing-a-long. Given that the song itself came from the mind of Mike Batt, it comes as no surprise that it’s a big orchestral number, with a slight cinematic feel. This track has the most potential out of the two on the C.D for me, though I’m sure some people will enjoy the old fashioned charm of ‘Dedicated To The One I Love’.

This B-Side is a retro blues/jazz number, with a well arranged brass section, and smooth live sound. The subtle backing vocals join with Florence’s voice to create something vaguely reminiscent of old school soul/motown groups like The Supremes. To be honest, its dated feel didn’t really excite me as much as the other track, but ‘Hard To Get’ is strong enough to ignite interest in Florence Rawlings and her album. As an artist she is certainly an interesting discovery, and I will look forward to hearing more.

Florence Rawlings will release her debut album ‘Fool In Love’ on September 7th 2009. Her web links are: www.florencerawlings.com or www.myspace.com/florencerawlings.