/Will ‘Find Me A Gift’ Hit The Right Notes This Christmas!?

Will ‘Find Me A Gift’ Hit The Right Notes This Christmas!?

Hands up who likes online shopping? In fact hands up who likes online shopping at Christmas? Yes I thought so, a good few of you are probably waving your arms in the air right about now, which is all to the good, as we have a few choice gift ideas to tell you all about today, courtesy of www.findmeagift.com

In case you’ve not already paid a visit, this is a site that pretty much has everything all under one roof: men, women, children, birthdays, Christmas, etc: you get the idea. In amongst their range of gadgets, gizmos, and novelty items are some rather funky music related gifts, the first of which pays homage to something Rolf Harris has been known to use in days gone by, yes, it’s the Stylophone, but not as we know it.

Find Me A Gift is one of the first sites to offer a brand new version of the Stylophone called the Stylophone Beatbox, and if you like playing around with sounds then this could be the gift to ask Santa for this Christmas. This machine comes complete with 13 sound pads, each of which produces a percussive sound created by a beat boxing champion! There are three different sound groups: drum kit, beatbox, and bass stylophone to choose from, and a scratch button to add a hip/cool beat to your mixing. The button also allows you to play/record/change your creations as well. It’s a modern twist on retro/chic that’s sure to keep everyone amused this Christmas.
Price: £14.99
Full Details: Click Here

Next up we move into the audio accessories market, and something for the I-Pod. The shops are flooded with I-Pod Docking Stations, and speakers, but this product isn’t about amplifying your latest downloads. The MP3/I-Pod Mixing Desk, allows you to connect up several devices, and a pair of Headphones, for your very own bedroom DJ experience. This product allows you to flip between tracks on each of your players, and mix them in any which way you choose. You can also use the device at house parties, connecting it to external speakers; in fact the device is 100% portable, so you can use it pretty much anywhere.
Price: £12.99
Full Details: Click Here

If the product above has tickled your fancy, but you don’t have any portable speakers to connect up, then what about the MP3 and I-Pod Speaker Amp’s. These very cute portable speakers, are as their name suggests designed just like a Marshall Amp. This portable speaker allows not just an MP3/I-Pod connection, but also comes with a USB lead so you have the capability to listen to your tunes wherever they are stored. Connecting the speaker up to your computer will also save on battery life, so you can get the most out of the product. It’s a great gift for band mates, family, friends, in fact any music fan, so why not click below and get the full spec?! It could make a great gift idea.
Price: £13.99
Full Details: Click Here

Last but by no means least, we have a novel take on recordable CD’s or CDR’s as they’re known in the shops. Find Me A Gift are inviting you to unleash your retro side with their special CD’s, that look exactly like a vinyl record, and even come with a vinyl style sleeve. There are 4 CD’s in each pack, which all have a 700 MB memory, so you’ll have plenty of room to store all your photos, music, and other files.
Price: £5.99
Full Details: Click Here

For all these and many more great music themed gift ideas visit www.findmeagift.com. All prices correct at time of going to press, but may vary according to seasonal sales.