/Look Out, Favour Man’s About!

Look Out, Favour Man’s About!

favour-manFestival-goers better look out this bank holiday weekend, as Favour Man will be out and about wading through the fields of the Leeds Festival. But you don’t have to be wary or cautious, Favour Man is one of the good guys, designed to make your festival experience just that little bit better!

The whole concept of Favour Man has been created by V, the national volunteering service for young people, and its aim is to showcase just how easy it is to do something for others, and have fun at the same time. By all accounts it looks like Favour Man is quite a nifty character, and his special favour suit comes equipped with anything from Glow Sticks, and Chupa Chups, to Toilet Rolls and Shaving Mirrors. Favour Man is also just like a Tabloid newspaper, full of gossip, showbiz news, and all important sports results to anyone who will listen. What more could you need from a 24 Hour Good Samaritan! Favour Man will be at the Leeds Festival from August 26-30th, along with other appearances across the country. Also look out for the Big V Bus at events.


‘V is committed to creating great experiences for young people, and Favour Man is no different. The initiative is our way of showing how simple and easy it is to do others a favour and the fun you can have yourself whilst doing it.” (Terry Ryall, Chief Exec, V)

To find out more, or to get involved in other great volunteering projects, visit www.vinspired.com or http://bigvbus.vinspired.com.