/Fashion and Music: Best Friends Forever?

Fashion and Music: Best Friends Forever?

Fashion is all about expression, as is music. They’re both solid artforms that are highly sought after and recognised around the world. So it just makes sense when the two combine.

Fashion has always been such a great part when it comes to music and performance. While you may not realise it, historical musical performances have sometimes been trademarked by the performers outfit. Think about it; What was Jimi Hendrix wearing when he lit his guitar on fire? You can picture it in your head. Think of any Queen performance, and you can see Freddie Mercury’s sparkly jumpsuit.

These iconic moments have been cemented in history with visuals that we see often on a day to day basis. Fashion is music’s best friend, and together they’ll keep on providing us with solid performances that we’ll always remember.

Who could forget some of the outfits that Debbie Harry wore during the 80s? With best mate and incredible designer Vivienne Westwood at her side, Harry was never without a fabulous outfit that had a little extra design than a lot of the other typical things being created at the time. Westwood was a naturally talented designer, who worked through the mod, to punk fashion as it moved throughout the decades.

Madonna too, inspired several fashionable styles while she was up and coming. The cone-shaped bra became an icon, as well as the black lacy fingerless gloves paired with a black dress and several silver crosses.

Popstars often become inspiration for lines, and it’s really not uncommon whatsoever to have them walk for their favourite designers. Most recently, Heatherette, the New York based design company have had Paris Hilton, among many, walk for their clothing line.

It’s not only separate popstars that help famous designers work. Karl Lagerfeld, head designer for Chanel, has released his own mix cd, showing the world his favourite artists, and favourite pop songs that have inspired and helped him work throughout this hugely famous design career.

So who are some of today’s most stylish rockstars? It’s not uncommon at all for musicians to lend their hand or their talents as muses to design, and designers. Gwen Stefani, is probably one of the most stylish female musicians that is currently gracing this great earth. Her razor sharp edge and style has lead to her own fashion line, as well as perfume release, and a bevy of colourful and well dressed performances. L.A.M.B proved to be a big success, as her style spoke to women of all generations.
While in the beginning of her career she was a typical teenager, she since bloomed into a fashionista whose style is coveted, and designs are worth even more than a concert ticket to one of her shows. Her children too, are possibly the best dressed kids in the playground. With a mum that talented, it’s easy to see these kids are going to grow up looking impeccable at all times.

It’s not just females who are lending their hands and minds to designers, rock’s unfortunate prodigal son Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver fame is currently designing a line for English Laundry. The design will no doubt feature a lot of leather and open collared shirts – the style of which Weiland is famed for.

It’s easy to list off the amount of stars that have created their own lines: Jlo, Victoria Beckham, Pussycat Dolls and Lindsay Lohan have all tried their hand at designing and selling their own variants of what’s popular these days.

It’s easy to see that fashion and music simply belong together. With the artform of creating pieces that can be consumed and worn simultaneously, while providing inspiration and making performances, there’s no reason why these two mediums should ever be separated.