/The Fanclub: Debut E.P

The Fanclub: Debut E.P

Originally from Bournemouth, this three piece band is now a favourite on the London gigging scene, and on Myspace. They also hope to increase their fan base with the release of their debut E.P. This is set for release in two months time, but if you get in quick and visit http://www.thefanclubmusic.co.uk and sign up to the mailing list, you may be one of the lucky 100 to receive the E.P. for free, on limited edition cassette tape.

These guys can perform acoustically, in a full band set-up, and with an orchestra, and you hear hints of all three on this E.P. First track up for review is ‘Madman’, which I have mixed feelings about. The music starts off well in a classic melodic rock style, but there isn’t enough build up or power in the chorus for me. The up-tempo electro/punk that bursts in at one point seemed a little odd, while the song also seemed to end suddenly. The trio fare much better with their other two tracks, which seem smoother and stronger on the production front.

‘Poets Die Too’ not only has an interesting title, but quite powerful lyrics too, which fit well with the slightly dark, haunting music. This song shows off singer Josh Todd’s vocal range much better, and there’s a catchy instrumental section towards the end. Third track‘Bitter Boys and Graceless Girls’ is The Fan Clubs foray into ballads. This starts off with a simple guitar/vocal arrangement, before adding in strings, and subtle drums. Although the music isn’t quite as fresh and original as I was expecting, it’s a pretty good track, and I enjoyed their lyrical phrasing.

All things considered, I would describe The Fan Club as a band that ‘is not quite there yet’. Their potential lyrically is obvious, and in the last two tracks they display good instrumentation/grasp of melodies, but the vocal on the first is very uninspiring. I also think they need to avoid their random little musical bursts, as they don’t help the songs flow smoothly. With a little bit of work, I think they will channel their musical talent and energy in a more original, clear cut way, and gain many more fans.

To find out more about The Fan Club don’t forget to visit http://www.thefanclubmusic.co.uk