/X Factor Winner Plays Down TV Show

X Factor Winner Plays Down TV Show

Just last year Matt Cardle was begging the general public to pick up their phones and to vote for him to win the X Factor. Luckily for him the public did do this and he was announced as the winner of X Factor 2010. Since then the artist has been relatively quiet and very little material has been released by Cardle. In a recent interview the artist revealed that he is now attempting to distance himself from the show after he stated that he massively compromised himself in order win last year. These comments come after Cardle performed on the first live show of the X Factor 2011 programme.

Matt Cardle announced that he would attempt to distance himself from the show after performing his new track Run For Your Life on the live Saturday episode. The artist stated that he compromised himself on numerous different occasions during the television show. When asked how he had done this, the artist stated that wearing yellow trousers and singing songs by Katy Perry were particularly low points in the show.

It is believed that Cardle wants to move more towards a rock image within the music industry, although what his management team thinks of this has yet to be discovered. When asked about his time on the X Factor the artist stated that singing pop songs and performing without his guitar did not really sit right for him.

Cardle extended his comments by stating that he can’t wait for people to stop describing himself as the winner of the X Factor. The plan for the artist now is to become a credible music performer.

When questioned why he has only just spoken out about this, Cardle responded by saying the majority of decisions were taken out of his hands whilst he was on the show. He revealed that everything from the songs he sang to what he would wear was decided by someone else.

Cardle revealed that life on the X Factor was much different to how it was presented on television and stated that many of the comments regarding fame and fortune are just for the cameras.

Since winning the X Factor very little material has been released by the artist and there have been rumours that he may follow in the steps of other X Factor winners that have been dropped by the Syco record label. Cardle has certainly been overshadowed in the music charts by contestants that did not win the show.