/X Factor Winner Dropped By Label

X Factor Winner Dropped By Label

Shayne Ward has become the latest X Factor winner to be dropped by the record label Syco, owned by the shows producer Simon Cowell. Shayne would the X Factor programme in 2005.

Whilst some winners have been hugely successful such as Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis, Ward failed to find success and has subsequently become the fourth winner of the X Factor to be dropped by Simon Cowell. It is believed that Ward has been released from the Syco label as he failed to enter the Top Ten charts.

The latest release form Shayne Ward was an album in November, although it only entered the UK Charts at number twelve. The Syco label has placed on record their thanks to Shayne Ward in what they have regarded as a successful international career in which he has sold over 3.2 million records.

The Syco label that Shayne Ward was signed to operates under the Sony BMG brand. He has become the fourth winner to be dropped from the label, the first being Steve Brookstein aged 42. Steve on the first series of X Factor in 2004. His first album, Heart and Soul shot to number one with sales in excess of 250,000 copies. He was then surprisingly dropped just eight months after winning the competition. He was last seen in the music industry touring round coffee shops performing musical hits to the visitors.

The winner of the show in 2007, Leon Jackson aged 22 was then dropped by the label, this happened in 2009. Many people feel that this was justified after his solo album, Right Now only made it to number four in the UK charts and he sold just 130,000 copies.

Recently, the winner of the show in 2009, Joe McElderry was axed. Joe was the first X Factor winner not to get a number one with his solo single after an internet campaign saw Rage Against The Machine get the Christmas number one. The second single released by the artist, Ambitions reached just number six in the charts and his third single sold only 7,000 copies.

Shayne Ward has vowed to carry on in the music industry and has spoken to fans stating that he hopes to get signed by another record label in the coming weeks.