/Exclusive Interview With Ross Copperman

Exclusive Interview With Ross Copperman


Ross Copperman stormed onto the U.K music scene in 2007 with the beautiful soaring melodies that made up his debut single ‘All She Wrote’. A couple of single releases and an album followed along with a host of gig dates and festival appearances.  The Ross moved back to the U.S set up home in Nashville, and began writing some new material. So whilst he may have been quite as far as the U.K is concerned, he’s still got plenty to talk about.  Thanks go to Ross for the lovely interview he gave me. I hope you all enjoy it.
1. Hi Ross welcome to music.co.uk, when I told people I was interviewing you, some of them said Ross who? So what would you like to say to the people who don’t know you or don’t remember you?

First off, thanks for taking the time to chat!  So for those saying, “Ross who?” – I would say, “Brace Yourself!”  Ha-ha.  It’s definitely been too long since I’ve been to the UK.  My last album, Welcome To Reality, was released in ’07 and featured the singles “All She Wrote” and “As I Choke.”  Since then, I’ve moved back to the states and have been writing full-time.  I have a collection of songs that is nearly finished and I will be releasing the material within a series of EP’s beginning this summer.  My goal is to form a storyline throughout the EP’s – forming a conceptual body of work.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say that the idea came naturally after the songs were written.  Stay tuned to rosscopperman.com for updates and exclusive material for members!

2. What have you been up to since your album and singles were released in the U.K?

Writing, writing. writing. Basically, honing the craft.  That, and slowly getting sucked into the world of Twitter…I’m @rosscopperman so follow me!  I now live in Nashville, and although I do miss the culture overseas, I have to say that being in Nashville has helped me enhance my writing skills.  There are so many talented musicians and songwriters here.

3. When you write songs, what comes first the music or the lyrics? Which instrument do you find best to write with initially?

It depends – I began my song writing career through the piano, and I continue to compose a lot on the keys. But lately I’ve been writing more on guitar since living in Nashville.  If I’m inspired by an idea, the lyrics will then make their way onto the music.  But often, music comes first.

4. What do you think are the common problems people have when they write songs/lyrics? Any tips?

It’s all about chemistry. CONNECTING the music WITH the lyrics is the problem I would say is most common for songwriters. When you can achieve that chemistry, It’s GOLDEN!  When creating lyrics, simplicity is best.  I’d recommend avoiding songs that are too complex – both musically and lyrically.

5. Over here in the U.K a band once jokingly said you know you’re famous when your song has been played in the cafes or pubs in T.V soap operas, what would you’re answer be to the ‘you know you’re famous when…question?

First, I would have to disagree with that statement.  My songs were played in all the soaps but people still say, “Ross who?” Ha-ha.  Getting sync deals are amazing opportunities that definitely get your songs out there to the main public, but it’s not the end game.  To correct that statement, I would say that you know you’re famous when you’re selling out Wembley Stadium!

6. The Guardian quoted you a few years back as saying you’ve always preferred British Bands to American ones, is this still the case? What do you think of American music at the moment?

Growing up that was the case, but lately I’ve gotten into a lot of bands and artists that came out of Nashville.  I really think everyone is a product of his/her surroundings. Spending the last year in Nashville has definitely had a major impact on me.  You’ll here a tint of country influence in my songs, which adds a really distinct dimension to the new material.  American music right now is great, but I feel as if the general public is only exposed to a certain “sound.”  Most of the songs on the radio are produced and written by a select few producers and songwriters.  There needs to be more variety – and trust me, there is amazing talent out there waiting to be found and heard 😉

7. We’ve heard that one of your first jobs was in a Jingle House; do you have a little ditty for music.co.uk?

Ah. Yes it was.  Good ole Fisher Price toys. Unfortunately, I don’t have a recording of any of the songs I wrote.  To be honest, it would probably be pretty embarrassing to hear them!  But hey, they may resurface one day – only time will tell…

8. What do you enjoy doing outside of music? Are there any hobbies/activities you’d like to try?

Riding my motorcycle.  When I’m not writing, that’s where you’ll find me.  I’d honestly like to take a stab at acting.  I’ve taken acting lessons in the past, and I’ve always had a fascination with video production.

9. As being a pop star involves a lot or travelling, what are your thoughts on foreign food? Could we tempt you with anything exotic?

I absolutely love foreign foods. I ate Indian about 3 times a week living in London.  But my favourite is Spanish food. Oh…and Mark and Spencer is where it’s at…all my UK people know what I’m talking about.

10. Many of have heard of Nashville, the home of country music, but is there anything you think should make the tourist guides but hasn’t?

The home of great food and great people.  Nashville is a very special place to me.  There’s a huge misconception of area.  People pigeonhole the city as being a “country” music scene.  To be honest, there are probably more rock bands in Nashville than there are country bands.  Although LA and NY are huge industry hubs, Nashville represents the heart of music.

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