/Eurovision 2012

Eurovision 2012

The Eurovision Song Contest has never been a popular contest with the UK, mainly due to their particular failure at gaining a respectable position. Just several years ago the country manage to score zero, a record which had never been seen before. For many UK residents the Eurovision Song Contest represents a source of entertainment, rather than a serious music contest.

Numerous of the past contestants representing the UK have been questioned previously; many have been totally unsuitable according to music experts.

The most recent announcement has seen Engelbert Humperdinck announced as the representative for the UK for the 2012 song contest. This individual is a seventy five year ld male who will perform a track that was produced by Martin Terefe; in previous work Terefe has worked with Mary J Blige and James Morrison.

The song is currently being recorded in several locations including London, Los Angles and Nashville. It has been co-written by the Ivor Novello award winning individual, Sacha Skarbek.

Humperdinck has stated that it is an absolute privilege to have been given the opportunity to represent his country.

The UK organisers are hoping that more people will tune into the programme and that it will be taken much more seriously be the residents of the country.