/Eurovision 2011

Eurovision 2011

The contest is over for another year, with the United Kingdom achieving the position of 11th with exactly 100 points, ten times better than the previous year. The contest was this year held in Brussels and was of its usual eccentric standard. The boy band Blue represented the United Kingdom, the band had hoped that a crack at the Eurovision would lead to their careers being revitalized. The boys had told the host of the show in the UK, Graham Norton, that they would have been happy with a top five position and felt that they had the potential to win the show, they are now said to be ‘disappointed’ with the results.

To add insult to injury for the UK and for Blue, the X Factor stars John and Edward finished above the country when representing Ireland. ‘Jedward’ had been tipped to finish highly within the contest and they delivered a performance that only the twins could pull off. The brother sang as song by the name of Lipstick, the performance was watched in 55 different countries by 120 million viewers. They have both stated they are ecstatic at having the opportunity to represent Ireland and to play to such a massive audience.

The boys finished above the UK in eight position and they managed to obtain 119 points, 19 more points than the boy band Blue managed to obtain for the UK. Jedward received the maximum 12 points from the United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden; this saw them flirt with third position early on in the results. This achievement comes after a fantastic year for the boys where they have beaten the odds to forge a successful career for themselves. Louis Walsh, X Factor judge and also their manager, has stated that he is very happy with their achievements.

The winner of the Eurovision 2011 was Azerbaihan, they won the contest on Saturday with their love song Running Scared. The winners ere very popular with voters from across the globe, this saw them win the contest despite not being tipped as favorites.

Many have expressed their delight at this country winning as it will mean that Eurovision will return next year. Many of the countries involved had stated that if they had won, they may not have been in the financial position to host the show in 2012.