/Europe: Last Look At Eden (Album)

Europe: Last Look At Eden (Album)

‘It’s The Final Countdown’ la-la-la, sorry but I couldn’t resist singing along to one of Europe’s biggest hits way back when! Sadly, up until now that’s the only song I have heard, or at least remembered. Time to remedy this with a listen of their brand new album ‘Last Look At Eden’.

If you’re looking to indulge in some power rock this autumn, then Europe are definitely the band for you! The vocals on this album are distinct and full of honesty and soul, the multi-layered guitar arrangements are rocking out, with subtle strings and drum rhythms swirling through them. If they were going for effect, they’ve certainly achieved that with the twelve tracks on this album.

For me, the definite highlights from this Swedish phenomenon are the ballads, ‘New Love In Town’and ‘In My Time’. I suppose if I’m honest, it’s partly because they are a bit easier on the ears, but they also stand out for being well crafted and produced. ‘New Love In Town’ has all the elements of a soaring rock ballad, while ‘In My Time’ is more reflective and chilled. Another track that would get my vote in a poll is ‘Last Look At Eden’. The title track from the album, has some quite soulful guitar solos, and at other times a multi-layered effect that’s very melodic. I think this, or one of their other songs Mojito Girl, could easily become anthems, the latter standing out for its interesting lyrics, and classic, slightly American style.

Other songs on the album include ‘Catch That Plane’, which has a very funky intro and harmonious backing vocals, the steamy ‘U Devil U’, and the up-tempo, slightly frantic ‘The Beast’. For me, all of these songs have different strengths, and are all worth a listen, though there are some tracks, like ‘No Stone Unturned’ which I wasn’t quite as keen on. Although this track has quite a good mystical/haunting intro, all the different instruments combined together are a bit too heavy, and it’s almost like there’s too much going on. That said, I still enjoyed listening to this C.D, and would sum up ‘Last Look At Eden’ as a well written, and honest rock feast. It’s a C.D that will entertain anyone looking for classic rock riffs, soaring ballads, well crafted lyrics, and of course a bit of Swedish charm.

‘Last Look At Eden’ is released on September 14th,
Web Link: http://www.europetheband.com