/Essex Promoter Ready To Shake Rattle And Roll At SXSW!

Essex Promoter Ready To Shake Rattle And Roll At SXSW!

I’ve heard the event SXSW mentioned quite a few times over the last few years, but never really known much about the event, so decided now was a good time to do some digging. South By South West, or SXSW for short, is one of the worlds biggest annual conferences/festivals. The company that runs it, based in Austin Texas, has been producing events/conferences for entertainment and media professionals since 1987, and is now gearing up for next weeks SXSW event.

Running from March 12-21st there will be a Festival/Conference staged for Interactive, Film Industries, and of course MUSIC! The music part of the week is one of the most hotly anticipated parts of the schedule for many, with bands from all over the world playing on over 80 stages in Austin. Alongside performances from the bands, there will also be a Trade Show/Exhibition where representatives from all areas of the industry will network, promote, and display their wares.

Getting to play in front of key industry professionals, and have the chance to play/promote in America is a big deal for those UK bands who are lucky enough to attend the event, but it’s not just UK bands that are heading over to SXSW next week! Essex promoter Dave ‘Shakey’ Wheelhouse is making another trip to the event, armed with his new compilation CD, promoting some of the best bands that have played his gigs. Along with getting this CD into the hands of industry people that can help promote these bands outside of Essex, he also hopes to attend concerts by UK bands to source new acts for his gig nights. Austin Texas, sounds like a nice place to go for a holiday, though with all the musical activities Shakey has planned it sounds like he’ll be a very busy bee. Rumour has it, that on his return he’ll also be making his 2010 CD available to the UK public to, and judging by some of the bands appearing on it, it will be something well worth looking out for.

More on Shakey’s trip to Texas, and his 2010 CD coming soon to music.co.uk, in the meantime, why not find out more about this years event, and all the acts playing there at http://sxsw.com or find Shakey on Facebook.