/Elton John to boost income of Shrewsbury

Elton John to boost income of Shrewsbury

Elton John will perform at a concert that will significantly benefit the foot club Shrewsbury Town. As well as the football club benefiting the area of Shrewsbury is expected to have its finances majorly boosted.

The club have organised the concert in order to raise money in order to support the growth of the football club and the area. Mass planning has taken place in order to allow for this concert to happen, with a local team being employed in order to hire cranes, forklifts and stewards in order to create the venue. The operations manager for the football club has stated that the local businesses within the are will personally benefit from Elton John doing a concert in the area

The concert will be first ever to be held in the Greenhous Meadow Stadium and the town have stated that they are very honoured that Elton John has accepted the offer to be the first person to hold a concert in the venue.

Elton John is expect to perform some of his most well known songs to a sell out crowd and he has stated that he may also play some of his newest songs that he has recently created.

The artist has not shown any signs of slowing down with the number of performances that he is making despite his age and recently becoming a father. He has recently completed several sell out tour dates and he is expected to release future dates for tours in the coming weeks.

The town of Shrewsbury are understood to be waiting with anticipation for the performance of Elton John, with many people having queued up over night in order to secure tickets. Numerous other supporting acts will perform on this night although who they are has yet to be announced by the organisers.