/Elan Lea: Right Anyway (Single)

Elan Lea: Right Anyway (Single)

We recently introduced South African singer Elan Lea to music.co.uk, and thought after he gave us such a nice interview, it would only be fair to give his new single a turn under the spotlight too. ‘Right Anyway’ is the first single to be taken from his album ‘My Only Excuse’, and by all accounts is a good introduction to what Elan Lea is all about!

Elan has a smooth mix of pop and indie in his vocals, which are telling a quite heart warming tale of someone losing their way, ignoring advice, and eventually getting their life back on the right track. It’s something everyone can relate to, and coupled with a piano led pop/rock melody, adds a lot of commercial appeal to the track as well. When the beat kicks in, it grows nicely into a toe tapping track, and although it ends quite suddenly, and could’ve done with more punch in the chorus, I enjoyed it. I think we could be hearing a fair bit from Elan Lea in the future, so music.co.uk says Elan Lea is one to watch in 2010!

‘Right Anyway’ is released on June 28th, for more information visit www.elanlea.com. Click here to read my interview with Elan.