/The Editors: ‘You Don’t Know Love’

The Editors: ‘You Don’t Know Love’

With the release of their album ‘In This Light And On This Evening’, The Editors are riding on the crest of a wave, which they hope won’t come crashing down with the release of their new single ‘You Don’t Know Love’.  Taken from the aforementioned album, this single brings to the fore a retro/new wave sound, which could hint at influences like David Bowie.

Like many of the bands tracks, this one has dark and haunting undertones, which this time are interlaced with subtle drum arrangements, and quite powerful synth/guitar lines. Some might see the overall effect a tad deep, dark, and depressing, others may embrace it. It’s all down to personal taste, although I found myself drawn into the first class lyrics despite myself.

The band also have a video to accompany this song on youtube, which was filmed by some award winning cinematographers. Although the quality of the shots cannot be disputed, I’m still not quite sure what to make of the storyline of the video. It featured some expressionless people sitting around an old fashioned room, watching a slightly bizarre display in the centre of the room. The focus is on a man and woman caught up in a surreal kinda of dance, which alternates between wild struggles, and graceful movements. With the rolling around and chasing antics, the vibe is slightly seductive, though they eventually burst into the room where the bands are playing, and collapse in a fit of giggles. Does all this fit the mood of the song? Yes, but will people understand it, I’m not sure. Either way it keeps you watching!

The ‘You Don’t Know Love’ video is available via this youtube link. The single itself is released on January 25th. For more information visit www.editorsofficial.com