Today is certainly a busy one in the music world, so now seems a good time to reveal the latest exclusive from The Editors. The popular indie/rock band will be launching their brand new video ‘Papillion’ at 3pm today, exclusively on Vidzone.

For those who don’t already know, Vidzone is a free service available to all Playstation 3 owners, which allows you to stream videos via your Playstation 3 console and TV screen. Vidzone runs in a similar way to software like media player,  allowing you to view, sort, and create playlists of thousands of video’s, including of course the new one from The Editors. Judging by the success of their two previous albums, the song ‘Papillion’ and forthcoming album ‘In This Light And On This Evening’, should go down a storm with music fans!

Don’t forget ‘Papillion’ is available on Playstation 3’s Vidzone from 3pm today!

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