/‘Echaskech – Shatterproof’ Album Review

‘Echaskech – Shatterproof’ Album Review

Everyone knows of the group’s near namesake, I’m sure many of us have wiled away hours at a time trying to accomplish the impossible and draw a smiley face with two knobs and a slider, but who are the group and more importantly why should we know?

shatterproofThe beauty of the toy was it’s straightforwardness and simplicity, and this is what makes the band so appealing. Involving synths and drum beats to create a satisfying listening experience. I’ll be the first to admit that electronic music isn’t really my thing, but it’s easy to appreciate what’s going on here.

‘Shatterproof’ is the group’s latest offering, with the title track starting proceedings with a very atmospheric, even eerie feel. The progressive build of the tracks gives the impression of a space-like journey, and intends to draw the listener into an electronic and futuristic world full of space and exploration.

The only low point for me was the track ‘Future Sex’, perhaps I’m missing the point, but the track seems very disjointed from the rest of the album, with it’s seemingly out of place vocal samples, and breaks up what otherwise is a very engaging experience.

The structure of the tracks is what makes them so interesting, ‘Low Pressure’ a great example of this, with a satisfying progressive build up to an energetic finale. The album turns out to be a varied and engaging work. I won’t go on trying to make comparisons, as I’m not exactly a guru on electronic music, but if someone who’s comfort zone is alternative and heavy rock can enjoy what’s on offer here, I believe anyone can. Maybe it’s the fact that it takes me back to the good old days of Commodore 64 electronic soundtracks, and getting hugely frustrated trying to draw boobs on the Etch A Sketch (they do always come out square!)

You can find out more on Echaskech by visiting www.echaskech.co.uk