/Duran Duran Cancel Tour Dates

Duran Duran Cancel Tour Dates

Popular British band Duran Duran has been forced to cancel part of their world tour as a result of illness within the band. The band, who are well known throughout the world had already started the tour but have been forced to cancel part way through.

Four shows which were due to be held in the US have been cancelled; these cancellations were made after keyboardist Nick Rhodes fell ill. Duran Duran had hoped that he would recover in time for the Canadian stage of the tour.

Despite the bands hopes the doctors treating Nick have now confirmed that he will be unwell for further shows. As a result of this the band has been forced to cancel a show in Chicago and two shows in Ontario.

Duran Duran have apologised publically for this and have stated that they are “devastated”.

Rhodes is still currently being treated for the illness and it is believed that he is still showing the same symptoms as previously.

It is not expected that the tour dates will be rearranged but it is believed that the band are planning a further world tour in the next two years.