/Drummer Stuart Cable’s death ‘after heavy drinking’

Drummer Stuart Cable’s death ‘after heavy drinking’

The former Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable choked to death on his own vomit after had taken part in a three day drinking session an inquest has heard. The 40 year old drummer had been drinking vodka and whisky the police have informed the coroner. He was found dead by his girlfriend Rhondda Cynon Taf on the floor of his kitchen in Llwydcoed near Aberdare. An accidental death verdict was agreed upon and recorded. His family are still struggling to come to terms with the death of Stuart and have stated it is a ‘huge loss’.

Cable, who was found dead on 7 June this year, left the Stereophonics in 2003 and was in a new band Killing for Company at the time of his death. Stuart also had his own weekly rock show on BBC Radio Wales and had previously hosted a TV chat show. The inquest heard that the musician had gone out with his ex-wife Nicola and their young son to a ruby club where he began his drinking session on Friday 4 June. A police spokesman told the inquest, “Nicola later informed his girlfriend Rachel Jones that Stuart had been drinking large amounts of vodka during the evening and hadn’t eaten properly”. Cable then went on to host his radio show t the BBC in Cardiff on the Saturday evening and then retuned to his local pub. His fans have stated this is a tragic loss and many are still attempting to come to terms with this tragic event.