/DJ Pete Tong reaches 20th Anniversary at BBC

DJ Pete Tong reaches 20th Anniversary at BBC

The DJ Pete Tong has now spent 20 years working at BBC, he is well known for his shows which offer all of the latest dance music. Not only this, but the DJ is heavily recognised within the music industry for his contribution to dance and electronica music.
Pete does not only play for the BBC, he is a DJ who travels around the world playing at some of the most highly regarded nightclubs. He has come along way after starting his life as a mobile disc jockey in his local area of Kent.
He was born in Hatley and received his education at Rochester, he found his footing in dance music after performing at local music venues within his local area.
Pete started with just a transit van and a few speakers, he travelled around Dartford and Gravesend; he is now internationally recognised. As well as this, he also presented a show on the BBC Radio Medway, which is no known as BBC Radio Kent. The DJ also held a regular spot on Invicta FM in his early days.
The first gig he ever did was at a wedding, he continued with his mobile disco business for around two years. Having done this, Pete recognised that he wanted to create and play his own music to the people he was entertaining. His mobile disco business was name On Her Majesty’s Service, but soon changed to Oh Hear My Sounds.
Pete Tong first tasted the life at BBC Radio 1 when he was just a teenager, something which in the present day would be seen as quite unusual. When he was contacted by Radio 1 he was carrying out work at a pirate radio station and was employed by a music magazine. His first airing involved a 15 minute interview about dance music by the then DJ, Peter Powell.
As well as his work on BBC Radio 1, Pete is a regular nightclub DJ, he is very popular in the well known island of Ibiza. Here he has his own club night that is very well attended and held at one of the most respected clubs on the island.
Pete is so well recognised in the music industry that phrases involving his name have been developed in order to describe the standard of the night, “it’s all gone Pete Tong”.