/Disturbed – Indestructible (Single)

Disturbed – Indestructible (Single)

It’s so many years since we all experienced ‘The Sickness’, and Down With The Sickness still has a place in every rock club from Camden to downtown Tokyo. Now as we approach the end of the decade – and it’s nearly that long since the aforementioned album was released – Disturbed continue to dish out great rock tunes.

Probably just as well known for their covers of songs like Shout (Tears For Fears) and Land Of Confusion (Genesis) Disturbed have a signature sound and this single covers all the bases. Consisting of big drums and even bigger riffs, with a classic hard rock vocal from David Draiman all over it, Indestructible encompasses all that is great about this band. From the opening air-raid siren via the ground-shaking chorus – care of Mike Wengrens’ powerhouse drumming – all in all it’s an awesome sound. Topped off with Draimans’ battle cry; “…I’m an indestructible master of war”, this could very easily displace Down With The Sickness as Joe Publics’ favourite Disturbed song.

The album of the same name has been available for some time and this release serves only to poke and prod those who haven’t already purchased it to do so. Dan Donegan and co. have plenty of life left in them and judging by this a lot of fire in their belly too.

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Artist: Disturbed

Title: Indestructible