/One Direction Sell 12 Million Records

One Direction Sell 12 Million Records

One Direction have achieved the incredible success of selling over twelve million records worldwide. This massive achievement has been completed within less than a year, with the band selling over eight million copies of their single, three million copies of their album and over a million dvds.

The success of the young band has been celebrated by their record label Syco and Sony Music, who have presented the band with a special disk.

The debut album from the band, Up All Night, has sold over three million copies across the world and it has been at the number one spot in over sixteen different countries. One Direction also reached number one in the US Billboard chart, they are the first ever UK band to achieve this.

Currently the bands album is the top selling album in the US for 2012, just showing how global their success currently is.

The USA is well known as being extremely difficult to break for UK bands but One Direction have managed this without any problems at all.