/One Direction – New Record Holders

One Direction – New Record Holders

X Factor has become well known for producing some excellent musical talents. Just last weekend the television series returned and it hopes to produce yet another catalogue of music artists. At present numerous artists who have won or appeared on the show achieve major hits. Just several weeks ago one of the artists from 2010, Cher Lloyd, achieved a number one single with her debut single Swagger Jagger. Not only this but the artist did in fact knock another X Factor act from the top of the charts, boy band JLS have had phenomenal success despite not being the winners of the television show.

One of the most recent bands to become instantly popular from the X Factor is young boy band One Direction. Exceptionally popular on the television show, the band was formed by the judges putting the individual artists together. The judges believed the band would fill a gap in the market and offer young girls across the country a new pin up band.

It is now being reported that the band has already broken a record despite not even releasing a single yet. The band are believed to have broken the record for the number of preorders made for a single within the Sony record label. Sony has revealed that no other band has ever achieved the number of preorders which One Direction has.

The debut single that will be released by the band is named What Makes You Beautiful. The band have managed to achieve this record despite the single not being due for release for another three weeks. As well as the single which is due to be released the band have also produced an album which will be released shortly after the single. Experts at the Sony record label are suggesting this will be a fantastic album and a major hit.

The band has worked with numerous different writers for the album including Savan Kotecha who has worked with Britney Spears and music star Ed Sheeran. Workers at the Sony record label are suggesting that the album which will be released by the band will be a number one hit.

The single from One Direction is due to be released on September 11th.