/One Direction to Lose Name?

One Direction to Lose Name?

One Direction may have made their name within the UK through the popular music show the X Factor, but in the US they have managed to break the music market based purely on their talents.

The young boyband have become a major hit in the US and young girls everywhere appear to love them. Whilst many bands that travel to the United States struggle to get recognised, this is not a problem that One Direction have had to face.

Although all of the success that they are currently enjoying could be deflated majorly as they currently in a legal battle relating to their band name ‘One Direction’. Another band in the US are claiming that they had the name first and they have now started legal proceedings.

Although the English One Direction may not have to worry too much as they have the full backing of their record label which is owned by music mogul Simon Cowell. The SYCO record label have already announced that they will be countersuing the American band One Direction.

The US One Direction are reportedly attempting to sue the British based band for £1 million and they are demanding that they change their band name,

SYCO the record label have stated that they feel that they have a very strong case for the British band to keep the name and they are hopeful that this will be the case.