/One Direction Fans Recieve Hate Mail

One Direction Fans Recieve Hate Mail

Young boy band One Direction are constantly hitting the press of late and they have become increasingly popular. The band made success after they appeared on the popular X Factor television show.

One Direction are currently completing a UK tour and are proving a major hit. The band have recently had a number one hit with their single Gotta Be You.

Whilst the band are currently having a fantastic and successful tour, the band have decided to ban fans from coming on the stage after hate mail campaigns have started. Three victims have emerged and have accepted that they are receiving hate mail as a result of going on the stage.

Online hate campaigns have started and the band have not had any choice but to pull this opportunity for fans.

The girls got the opportunity to go on stage at the tour performance after winning a competition on twitter.

Those who were lucky enough to win reported that they had received hate mail online as a result of appearing on the stage and therefore the band have pulled this opportunity for future performances.