/One Direction in Beatles Comparison

One Direction in Beatles Comparison

One Direction have quickly replicated the success they hold in the UK in the US. The band has become one of the biggest ever young boy bands in the UK and they have quickly become celebrities within the US music arena.

The young band has already broken numerous records in the US and they have also been offered their own television show.

This is a major achievement for such a young band, especially as many UK bands and solo artists struggle to be successful in the US.

Many music critics have started comparing One Direction to The Beatles, something which the band are of course very happy with. The young boy band are very similar in the fact that girls across the world are willing to see them.

Whilst the band are obviously happy with this comparison, Sir Paul McCartney has warned One Direction that the comparison could be a ‘kiss of death’.

Sir Paul has criticised those that make the comparisons as it instantly adds pressure onto those bands to be successful. He stated that they should be described as the next big thing rather than making comparisons with other bands.

One Direction are currently enjoying performing a sell out tour in the US and they will focus their efforts on this market for the next few months.