/Diarmaid O’Meara: Selfish Bass (Video)

Diarmaid O’Meara: Selfish Bass (Video)

If you ever wondered what those innocuous looking shop dummies get up to when the lights go down, then now is the time to find out, as techno producer/DJ Diarmaid O’Meara unleashes the video to his current single ‘Selfish Bass’ on the scene. The storyline to the video is quite simple, it follows a boy and girl (dummy) as they go through the motions of getting ready for a night out, and eventually meet in a nightclub. I won’t give it all away, but suffice it to say they both have a fun, action packed night, before the girl goes home, and the boy returns to his shop window! The ideas and detail behind this video are brilliant, it kept me engaged from start to finish, and there were some clever little scenes that added humour to the mix as well!

I was completely sold on the video, and watched it through quite a few times, the only thing being it was so good it made it hard to concentrate on the music. But towards the end I spotted a few crafty Diarmaid O’Meara posters, and reminded of why I was viewing the video in the first place, resolved to close my eyes and lose myself in Technoland. The music slowly starts pulsing through the speakers, building up into a heavy, industrial techno beat, it continues in this vein through much of the song, though there are some toned down rhythmic sections to add variety to the pace. It’s a track that does work well with the nighttime vibe of the video, and is a good introduction (for newbies) to what Diarmaid O’Meara is all about, it’s just hard to get away from the video, and concentrate on the song!

‘Selfish Bass’ is available now, and is also a frequent player on Kiss FM, White Noise, and other national radio stations. For more information please check out www.diarmaidomeara.com