/The Devious Past of Rockstars – or is it?

The Devious Past of Rockstars – or is it?

Rockstars are notoriously known for their bad behaviour. There is of course the typical ‘trash a room’ mentality, as well as their ability to be complete divas. They can demand what they want, and generally get it just because of status.
We all know these things, but what about things that have been intentionally hidden? Ever misunderstood a lyric because it referred to drugs, jail and abuse? Well it seems as though some artists have a past that is either very well broadcast, or hidden to avoid any sort of publicity nightmare.

Naturally, you’re going to get the stars that are into drugs. Whether it’s just due to the fact they have money and don’t know what to spend it on, or have been influenced throughout their lives, there’s always a likely chance they’re ingesting, snorting or sticking something in their bodies that shouldn’t be there.

Probably the most notorious of drug users is Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots and that of the now defunct Velvet Revolver. In 1998, Weiland was arrested for buying drugs. No huge surprise, of course, as his songs had pointed several times towards his drug use, as well as his typically publicised mention of it.

This time, however, he was dressed as a pimp. While he might have assumed this was a brilliant plan, it just brought more attention to himself. When he was questioned as to what he was doing by a police officer he proclaimed “I’m just trying to buy drugs, what’s the big deal?

Weiland has since been in and out of rehab several times, as well as going through two divorces. Weiland’s latest divorce comes from his wife of nine years, and mother to his two children. Unfortunately, Weiland wasn’t smart when it came to hiding his affairs, as he slept with many fans during his touring process. One instance of which was posted publicly to a Livejournal community, including the gory details thereof. Shortly after Weiland and his wife separated.

Modest Mouse : Isaac Brock

It’s not just drugs, rehab and cheating however. Modest Mouse are an incredible indie band, who began their journey in Washington. While there are several Youtube videos of lead singer Isaac Brock cutting himself on stage, there is very little acknowledgement to the fact that Brock was actually in jail for some time. This was due to the fact that while driving, Brock had tried to inhale some nitrous oxide, and during the process crashed his car. During the crash, while everyone remained mostly uninjured, his friend had dislocated his thumb, and under Oregan law then stated he had intent of murder. Unfortunately for Brock, while this may have not been the case, it’s going to be stuck on his permanent record.

Brock has also put up with the accusation of rape on his behalf, but he still maintains his innocence.

Unfortunately for most rockstars, they’re going to have to put up with manipulative media. Brock, in the instance of his alleged rape, was reported on severely. However, the withdrawal of the accusation wasn’t reported whatsoever, and Brock’s name remains tainted to this day.

The media has the option of making or breaking a star in conjunction with their ratings. It’s not uncommon at all for the selection of information to be entirely up to what’s going to boost their ratings for their show, or increase the amount of readers. While there are anonymous reports of the behaviour, for instance Ted Casablancas Blind Items, there is no way to officially know what’s true and what’s not.

When it comes to rockstars and their secret lives, it becomes hard to believe what’s written in the media. No one knows why Britney Spears shaved her head – only she does. So until you hear the full story, just think about their past and all you don’t know about!