/The Deer Tracks: Eggegrund

The Deer Tracks: Eggegrund

Although we like to bring you a variety of music genres, and artists on music.co.uk, some of our review tasks are a little more challenging than others, and this one is no exception! The Deer Tracks are an electro/pop duo from Sweden, who recorded this EP release on the remote Swedish Island of Eggegrund. Isolation, fishing cabins, firehouses, and nature collided to produce this EP that for me at least, is a little hard to understand and relate to. I say this because the lyrical stories are sometimes lost in the ethereal nature of the music, and without a video to help bring the story alive, the Swedish fairytale song, ‘Lsbjornskatten’ is lost on my ears. That said, there are still some tracks to review, so here goes the run-down:

Bless The Waves: An ambient track, which makes use of old fashioned static type sounds, hand clapping, and a quaint melody. The lead singers voice also reminds me a little of a cross between Lily Allen, Bjork, and Duffy.

Hold On: This is a song that likes to use little glitches, effects, and sounds of the sea in the mix. It’s a swirling instrumental, coupled with a good male vocal, and a bit of a musical crescendo at the end, it just didn’t have any memorable hooks for me to grab hold of.

Hypertufa: An underground, very ethereal track, with hints of metal/rock in the arrangements/production. A big sound for a CD recording, though I felt the need of subtitles to understand what the song was about.

Lsbjornskatten: Harmonicas or mouth organs play their part well in this song, which is sung in Swedish, and apparently tells the tale of a cat that wants to be an ice bear. Interesting track, but for a newcomer to the genre, a video would help garner more interest in what this song, and the band, is all about.

Overall I’d say this release is going to have a quite genre specific appeal. If you love and know ambient, ethereal, Swedish music, then you’ll love this. If you don’t know the genre, then like me you might just listen with puzzled interest and then move on to something more to your taste. Why not check the group out though, and see what you think?

The Deer Tracks EP Eggegrund is available now. For more information visit www.myspace.com/thedeertracks