/David Bowie Releases New Material

David Bowie Releases New Material

David Bowie has shocked millions of music fans across the world after releasing a brand new music single on his 66th birthday. The track has been released after many years of silence and speculation around whether the star would release any music ever again.

The single, Where Are We Now?, has been released as a music download and video by the glam rock music legend.

Bowie, who is regarded as one of the most successful music artists ever, has now performed live music since 2006 and he is very rarely seen in public.

It has been confirmed that the new track was recorded in New York and produced by his long term music friend Tony Visconti. For many years Bowie and Visconti have collaborated over music together.

Visconti has revealed that he is relieved that the single has now been released as many people have been asking him what he has been working on recently. Speaking about the music he revealed that he is incredibly proud of the new release by Bowie.

David Bowie had heart surgery in 2004 and many people have recently been questioning is health but Visconti quashed any of the speculation by stating that Bowie is in ‘fine health’.

The singer will only release music that has meaning and that has significant background. It remains to be seen whether there will be further music that is released by the glam rock star.