/David Bowie the Musical

David Bowie the Musical

David Bowie has this week agreed for his music to be used in a futuristic musical. The musical will be created using all of the hits from the star and it is believed that the organisers have been negotiating the deal for a considerable amount of time. The futurtic fantasy will be named Heroes: The Musical, it will tell the story of Major Tom as well as a young dude named David. The world premiere of the musical will held in March at the Indi02 venue which is located inside the London’s former Millennium Dome.

Bowie is regarded as one of the most successful songwriters of all time and very rarely allows his music to be used. Many previous attempts to use the music in this way have been rejected.

Deep Singh who wrote the musical stated that he could not believe it when they were granted permission. The people of David Bowie had apparently warned the musical organisers that they were very unlikely to be granted permission.

Similar shows to this one have been produced in the past, they focused on other major artists including Queen, Abba and Madness.

It is now being organised for David Bowie to open the musical and it is hoped that this will be a sell out spectacular.