/The Dave Matthews Band: So Much To Say Live

The Dave Matthews Band: So Much To Say Live

Musical conversations, with music minded people can be so much fun, and unearth all kinds of acts that you’ve never heard of. A recent conversation has led me onto the youtube page for The Dave Matthews Band, an American act with a big big sound. My introduction to the band was a youtube video of ‘So Much To Say’, taken from a live DVD. The first thing that struck me about front man Dave Matthews was his larger than life personality, which was illustrated in the slightly oddball intro to his song.

From what I’d heard, personality was something I was expecting, but other than that, I didn’t know what would follow with this song. ‘So Much To Say’ turned out to have a big jazz/blues sound, acoustic/folk influences, and a whole lot of funky guitar/brass parts. Even for a youtube video, it was very atmospheric, especially when all the instruments joined the acoustic guitar in the mix. Dave Matthews also has a surprisingly husky vocal, which added to the impact of the song. This song was recommended to me, and now I in turn recommend it to you, the music.co.uk readers. It’s a good illustration of what this band are all about, and after hearing it, I certainly wanted to find out more!

Check out the video for ‘So Much To Say’ here or visit http://www.davematthewsband.com for lots more info and music.