/Dappy Gets Number One

Dappy Gets Number One

Whilst N-Dubz member Tulisa has been appearing as a judge on the X Factor television show, her cousin and fellow band member Dappy has been focusing on his solo career. Last week the artist topped the charts with his debut UK single called No Regrets. This will also be used as the name for him up and coming album; it is likely that this album will be very popular with N-Dubz fans.

In order to get the number one spot the artist faced tough competition and he successfully knocked off One Direction from the number one spot with their single What Makes Your Beautiful. The boy band One Direction fell from the number one spot down to number three.

Jason Derulo also entered the UK singles chart at number four wit his single Has It Girl and James Morrison also entered the charts at number five with his single I Won’t Let You Go.

Damien Rice and his single Cannonball increased its position by thirty places after moving from position thirty nine to number nine. The song was originally released in 2002 but it has shot up in the charts after it appeared on X Factor.

Dappy fans are now interested to find out whether N-Dubz will ever work together again. At the moment it is believed that the band are just on a break but Dappy has stated that he wishes to focus on his own solo career for the foreseeable future. Tulisa will be tied up with the X Factor till at least Christmas and it is likely that she will have other projects to focus on also. It remains to be seen what the third band member, Fazer, will do with his time whilst the band are on a break.