/Concert Woe for Music Fans

Concert Woe for Music Fans

The music fans of JLS and Olly Murs are airing their anger towards the management who created the tours for the two musical acts. The organisers are bing blamed after hundreds of fans missed the majority of the show after they were stuck in traffic.

The show that was being held in Hampshire was due to start at 6.30pm but the roads that surrounded Matterley Bowl were totally gridlocked. As well as heavy traffic there was also significant heavy rain that disrupted the traffic further.

Those who did attend the concert struggled to leave the concert at the end due to the state of the roads and the traffic. Many families had attended the concert with their children and therefore young children were forced to sit in cars for hours at a time.

The organisers, Sounds Festivals UK and Coz We Can Ltd have failed to respond to the complaints that have been aired by fans who missed the concert and those who attended the concert.

Sound Festivals UK website has a disclaimer that is a message to people in order to warn people of large crowds and also heavy traffic. The website also informs those attending the concert to allow extra time than usual in order to travel to the site.

One concert goer expressed her concern over Twitter stating that the transport organisation was appalling and that the organisers should have done more to fix the situation. Numerous other concert goers also expressed their opinions on Twitter.

Ms Close who attended the concert stated that she left her home with her children at 3pm, she lived just 40 miles away from the concert but she did not arrive till 8.30pm. They managed to see just one hour of the show and they were faced with a grueling trip home, they eventually did arrive home at 1.30am.

JLS and Olly Murs both took to Twitter to apologise to their fans and also to thank also those who attended. Some fans have pledged to make official complaints regarding the situation, although it is unlikely that little would come of it.