/Collaborations for Tinie Tempah’s New Album

Collaborations for Tinie Tempah’s New Album

The UK rapping sensation Tinie Tempah has barely stopped since the release of his first album, although despite this he has already begun work on his second album. When the first album was released by the artist he was an unknown individual who many believed would struggle to break the UK music market, although this point has been proven incorrect on a grand scale. He is now one of the most popular music artists and many music critics believe he may continue to grow from strength to strength.

It has been revealed that Tempah will have numerous different artists contributing on the album. Tempah’s management have recently revealed that the artist will collaborate with The Script. The band The Script have revealed that they are very excited to work with the artist and that his hits Pass Out and Frisky have been true inspiration for their work. They also revealed that the artist is very easy to get along with and to produce music with.

The Script stated that they have recently written some songs with Tinie Tempah and that these songs will hopefully be very popular. The band also stated that they really get on with the band and that they loved producing music with him.

Fans of The Script may be surprised by their choice of their music partner, although the band have stated that they have explored the hip hop music industry and decided that Tempah is the man to work with. It is believed that music from the two acts may be taken to the United States and that The Script may also feature on the new Tinie Tempah tour.

Music sales by Tinie Tempah have been exceptionally higher in recent years and he has stated he hopes to increase his sales with his new material.