/Coldplay Tour Wristbands

Coldplay Tour Wristbands

Music stars are some of the best paid people in the world and many of them have earned millions through their work. On this basis we would think that many of them will be set for life and will not be worried about money.

Although Coldplay, arguably one of the most successful bands in UK music, have revealed that they are ensuring they don’t go broke by holding their latest tour.

At present the band are touring the world with their Mylo Xyloto Tour; it is being used to promote their latest album.

The band have been providing audiences with flashing wristbands which can be used to wave around to enhance the atmosphere; although Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed this is not without problems.

Martin stated that the majority of money being made on the tour is being used to pay for the wristbands. The band need to keep this going as it is a major part of the tour but they are unsure of how to finance it.

The band are currently considering asking for them back at the end of the performances. Although due to legal matters it seems that this idea will not be taken forward. It remains to be seen how the band will resolve this current issue.