/Coldplay to Head Up American Festival

Coldplay to Head Up American Festival

Throughout the UK music industry it is well known just how difficult it is to break the US music scene. Many successful artists from the UK have failed to break the US music scene and in fact some have failed miserably. Whilst very few artists do make it in the US, there are some UK bands that have made it on a major scale. For example Adele has become a major star throughout the world.

It has now been announced that several UK stars will travel across to the US in order to head up the The Secret Policeman’s Ball. Popular UK music names that will travel across to the UK include Coldplay and the Mumford & Sons.

Coldplay have had phenomenal success in the US and they continue to grow in popularity across the world.

The band will be the headline act at the music and comedy festival which is held in order to raise money for Amnesty International; this performance will be the charity’s 50th anniversary.

This will be the first time that the show has included comedy and music.

Numerous over major music stars will be featured in the show, although this is a major coup for Coldplay.