/Coldplay to Appear on American Idol

Coldplay to Appear on American Idol

British band Coldplay continue to focus their attention on music markets outside of the UK in order to boost their popularity. The band is one of the most respected British bands that there is and they are hoping to grow wider appreciation within other countries.

The band have announced that they will be appearing on American Idol in the coming weeks.

Other artists that have recently appeared on the show include Lana Del Ray and Nicki Minaj.

Coldplay are currently undertaking a major European tour which sold out almost instantly. The band has brought in many popular names to support the tour including Marina And The Diamonds, Robyn, Frank Ocean, and Ash.

The tour will start in Coventry on May 29th and end on June 10th in Manchester. During the tour the band will host three live shows at the London Emirates Stadium.