/S Club 7 Reunite

S Club 7 Reunite

In line with the many bands that are currently reforming in order to revive their careers, there has been yet another shock announcement. S Club 7 have announced that they are reforming in order to have a tour and to produce a new album. This will shock many people as the band split on bitter terms and they have previously attempted to reform.

In their day S Club 7 were the main competitors of Steps, who have also recently revealed that they will be reforming in order to host a sell out tour.

It remains to be see how people will react to the reunited S Club 7, who were known for the pop and cheese music.

The band is made up of Hannah, Paul, Jo, Rachel, Tina, Jon and Bradley – they will hit the road this year by having a summer tour. When the band split each member went their own way and several of them have not spoken for years.

Apparently the band has been approached on many occasions in the past three years with offers for them to reunite but they have always turned these down. The band have now accepted an offer because of the British feel that has emerged as a result of the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

S Club 7 felt that it was now or never, they now have the opportunity to release and a new album and also a greatest hits album.