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They are the new girl group on the block, their managed by none other than industry supremo Kim Glover, and they’ve just released their first album entitled Debut. It’s exciting times in the world of City Girls, and music.co.uk are happy to be a part of it. Armed with some individual and group questions, I got in touch with Sheena, Sophie, and Claudia to find out all about life in Britains newest girl band.

Questions For Sophie:

a) Although your biography says you’re embarrassed by being dubbed ‘IT Sisters’ is there anywhere, any situation, and/or anyone you wouldn’t mind being pictured with in the press?

I don’t really mind it, but wouldn’t like people to think I’m only out to get famous. I have no problem being photographed with anyone, or anywhere, I just wouldn’t want a friendly kiss to be turned into a full on “snog” as some papers do!  

b) What memories do you have of travelling the world during your childhood?

I have so many I wouldn’t know where to start, but probably the biggest one would be moving schools so many times! I was always the new kid growing up, and the one who started the school term at random times. It was hard, but having my brother and sisters with me made everything so much easier.  I also remember learning a lot about, and loving Asian culture at a young age – I was on a TV show in Korea and even learnt how to sing in Korean!

Questions For Sheena

a) What’s been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from your previous girl band experience?

Teamwork! Communication and listening to each other is really important, you have to speak your mind to each other. It’s a hard game, and you have to appreciate everything that comes your way!

b) A school teacher has been credited for getting you into music, but if we offered you a guide full of all sorts of courses/lessons etc, what could we get you to sign up for?

I would instantly sign up to be a music teacher, a midwife or a vet (though I couldn’t put an animal down). I treat life like a sponge, it’s important to add to your tree of knowledge! 

Questions For Claudia

a) You describe yourself as having a wicked sense of humour, but who or what makes you laugh? (Film, TV, Comedians etc)

I recently went to see Sacha Baron Cohen in “Bruno” which I have to say was vile, but so funny. I guess you could say my sense of humour is pretty dark. I love live comedy, and I’ve worked with a lot of comedians whilst entertaining the troops – people like Terry Alderton, Rudi Lickwood, Thom Stade and Sean Collins – they’re all such funny guys. 

b) Have you invented any dance moves yourself in your time dancing? And do you have a name for them?

I’m like every other girl when she goes out who has a dance to a certain type of music and because I am a dancer, the sillier the better. I do like to take moves from the random dude in the middle of the dance floor who has no rhythm or spatial awareness but is having the best time – whilst everyone else is laughing at him.

Group Questions

a) How would you describe a typical City Girl?

Sophie: Really energetic, with an edge and their own style! We are all so diverse and I think that’s really important because it means we all bring something different to the table.

Claudia: A City Girl for me comes in all different shapes and sizes, they love the fast pace of the city, the night life, and she would love her job too, maximising on all opportunities that came her way, however strange!

Sheena: A City Girl is a fun-loving, down to earth, talented girl. You can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out the girl!  We are proud of where we are from, no matter where we travel or what we experience, we know our roots.

b) Are you all feeling good about the release of ‘Debut’?

Sophie: Yes, definitely! I’m so proud of the album, we have put so much hard work into it, and the producers we’ve had working on it have been amazing! It’s very edgy but still has the major influence of pop.

Claudia: I’m so excited about the album release. This is all pretty new to me so everything is exciting!

Sheena: Yes, we are proud of this album as it’s our first baby step if you like! All of our different styles are incorporated within the album, and we are lucky to get this far. As we mature in this group, and as artists we will hopefully get a chance to expand our opportunities and have more input, but at this moment Debut is seriously something to be proud of. 

c) What are the City Girls planning for the rest of 2009?

Sophie: To keep working our little tooshes off! We want to start working on new music and hopefully keep pleasing the fans!   

Claudia: Our plan for 09 is to have every major city and suburb blasting City Girls and annoying the neighbours with the bass!
Sheena: To write new, fresh material, and get some more gigs, rehearse new routines and always work hard!
d) Who do you admire (dead or alive) in the music industry?

Sophie: Oh god this is a hard one! The obvious would have to be Michael Jackson – long before he died I have always been the biggest fan, he reached so many people with his music.  There are so many artists now that I love – Justin Timberlake would be one. I saw him in concert and thought he was brilliant!

Claudia: I admire those artists that play the long game and have re-invented themselves time and time again – Mary J Blige, Kylie, Whitney (she’s back) and obviously Michael Jackson. 
Sheena: Tina Turner, Beyonce, Boyz 11 men, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah and Bob Marley

e) What do you enjoying doing when you’re not in the band?

Sophie: I enjoy a lot of things I’m a very happy go lucky person! I love to shop like any other girl. I love going to the gym, surfing (although I haven’t been in ages), chilling out with my family and friends, dance classes, watching music TV and eating.

Claudia: I really like to read science fiction and I run three times a week. I’m quite a social person and think my friends are my soul mates.
Sheena: Being with my family and friends, writing songs and session singing.

f) If you appeared on a T.V quiz/game Show, what would be your specialist subject/ideal challenge?

Sophie: I don’t really have a favourite subject but if I had to choose it would be current affairs and general knowledge. I love challenges though and would be up for anything.

Claudia:  My specialist subject would be hearing the first bar and naming any junglist massive track! 
Sheena: Music!

g) Finally can you tell us something people may not know about all of you?

Sophie: We all love our food especially Chinese and Indian!

Claudia: People would never know that I’ve cried watching neighbours, sad but true.
Sheena: I used to be a Marching band and play the trumpet!  And I have to eat skittles with water!

Thanking all the City Girls for a lively and interesting interview. I hope this has ignited your interest in the band, and you’ll all surf on over to www.citygirlsofficial.com for more info on the group, and of course a copy of their album ‘Debut’ which is out now! Keep your eyes open for more from all the hot new girls and boys of music, right here on music.co.uk!