/City Boy Soul: No Regrets (Who We Are) Single

City Boy Soul: No Regrets (Who We Are) Single

It’s quite tempting to start off this feature in a ‘where are they now’ style, but I’ll resist. But you’ll find one of the members of new urban music outfit, City Boy Soul a tad familiar, especially if you were once a fan of boyband Damage.

Former Damage member Coree Richards has teamed up with UK Hip Hop Rapper Gak Jonze to form City Boy Soul, a band who, rumour has it have already attracted the interest of Trevor Nelson, and Simon Cowell. But no this band won’t be another Cowell project, this is a truly independent act, who release their debut single under independent label Mykali Records.

The song they have full control over is heading towards (in my opinion anyway) the more underground side of the urban market. The intro is quite futuristic/commercial, though the synth/electro beats that follow in a repetitive loop through the song, hint more at the underground club scene. The lyrical story is interesting, but I found the vocals/music in the chorus a little bit droney and low on impact, and the slightly distorted effects elsewhere on the song didn’t show off the vocal abilities of Coree to full effect. That said, the rap was well arranged/performed, and overall the song did grow on me more after a few listens.

I don’t think this single excited me enough to convert me to the City Boy Soul cause just yet, but that might change as they develop, and release more material. You can check out ‘No Regrets’ for yourself when it’s released on May 31st 2010, or visit http://www.cityboysoul.com for more information.