/Chipmunk Featuring Esmee Denters: ‘Until You Were Gone’ (Single)

Chipmunk Featuring Esmee Denters: ‘Until You Were Gone’ (Single)

Lyrical lines such as “Until you were gone, I didn’t know how much I’d miss you” are quite commonplace in songs, so nothing really new there, until you consider that they have this time been sprinkled with some Chipmunk magic. The end result is a lyrical story that’s easy to relate to, which is layered over a danceable urban/pop beat, rapping from Chipmunk, and vocals from the talented Esmee Denters. It’s a combination that works, but it didn’t really stand strong and sparkle enough for me. The chorus was a bit repetitive, and I don’t think it translates on record, what it would do as a live track. The mixed feelings unfortunately continued with the video. Although I liked the simplicity of the dance/movement against the black screens, and the small number of graphic effects, I think the arty camera shots were a little overdone, and hard to watch. So, there were good and bad points about both the song, and the video, but it could still do well on its release, and won’t disappoint Chipmunk fans. Esmee Denters could well be a name to watch in the UK as well.

Have a look at the youtube video here, and if you like what you see and hear, why not look out for ‘Until You Were Gone’ when it’s released on April 19th 2010, or visit one of the following Chipmunk Links: